About Us

The fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous has gone to great lengths to find the appropriate use of the Internet as a tool without compromising the principles that have allowed its fellowship to survive and grow. We believe that these principles also allow this website to survive and grow. To read the published AA guidelines, together with how we believe this website is in compliance with each guideline, please read our AA Internet Guidelines document.

Names and/or contact information of individuals are provided only with the implied or actual consent of the individual. When an individual has requested to have their personal information removed, immediate action is taken.

Over the years, we have received complaints concerning the structure and practices of this website. Many of these complaints have been constructive; and are received with deep appreciation. Some changes have been made as a result. Other complaints have been received as accusatory and vindictive. These types of complaints challenge us to find the lessons that we need to learn, although we attempt to reason through them with love and understanding. Some of those complaints and our responses can be read by reading documents on our Complaints, Controversies, and Responses page.

We make every attempt to refrain and filter criticism or condemnation of other approaches to recovery from alcoholism. Occasionally, appearance or implied expressions of a negative opinion of others seem unavoidable, typically when participants express personal passion. These individuals represent themselves, not this website.

We urge anyone to provide serious and constructive suggestions as to how to improve this website and help us to closely adhere to spiritual principle and tradition. Please send your suggestions, complaints, or messages of gratitude by contacting the Webmaster.